May 1st is the day to mark the International Workers' Day. May day is also a day for celebration of spring in some countries especially in Europe. If you squeeze the words together it’s an emergency signal in life-threatening situations when sailing or flying. Mayday is also the day this creative laboratory was born. Today it's been one year of Trouble. Also with a small 't'. Trouble can be good and bad. It's wonderful when the established is challenged or maybe even destroyed. Destruction can be necessary, but also devastating. Sometimes even disastrous or outright heartbreaking.

This year has been no exception. Some events and catastrophes have felt more extreme than ever. As doctor and professor Hans Rosling who passed away in February brilliantly explained again and again: the world is better off now than anytime before.


Twitter expands the character limit per tweet from 140 to 280 so people will be able to be more expressive, they say. This means double up on Trump from now on 🙀


September 1st was Mayday. The very first issue of the new biannual magazine Mayday hits newsstands worldwide. Mayday is an independent magazine about the erratic realities facing people, society, business and culture. It’s the world’s new medium created in a rare combination of clever and beautiful, serious and playful, and forward-thinking yet respectful for the great accomplishments of humanity. It’s a work of art for all senses. It’s original. It’s Mayday. Get it here

year One


We as humans has to figure out where we’re headed and how we will deal with exponential technologies when the effects of exponentiality becomes clear. The Old World of Europe should have an advantage in thinking and acting democracy, politics, philosophy and humanities with a healthy critical perspective. The whole point of innovation is to be innovative. And original. Also in your approach. — We Need Innovation on How To Innovate


Jón Ingi Hallgrímsson and Morten Wibrand joined the lab today.


We are already well underway to modify humanity to be lazy, unimaginative and dependent on machines. In the pursuit of progress and growth we are leaving behind the ingredients that makes us human. In other words; Humans will lose humanity. — Technology will make humanity obsolete


We’re adding a new person to the team Michelle Aakerberg


Advertising has come out on top of the internet economy. But the business model is strangling the world wide web and everything else is having a hard time breathing. — Advertising is Strangling the Web


Fake News became a phenomena at a much larger scale in parts thanks to social media like Facebook


The fight for ecosystems is the religious crusades of the digital age. Anyone trying to gain a foothold with new ideas shouldn’t just find a way to existing ecosystems, but replace them altogether. Those who succeed creating as many interrelated components across the entire business will have bigger impact. This is where disruption happens and industries fall apart. — Holy War on Google

Remember how people suddenly left the Republican and Democratic establishments for Trump and Sanders because the alternatives had a mission and passion? No one saw that coming. Sadly one of them was like Facebook and Twitter; an accelerator of wrong. The time is over for anyone not taking a clear stand on our world. If they don’t think there is any distinction between right or wrong, people will leave them. They may not witness it for themselves because they too may be living inside their own bubble. — The Big Bubble Blame Game Is On


Donald Trump is elected president of the United States of America


A lot of companies have shareholders to work for — that makes stocks their ultimate product. That’s not the case for Evan Spiegel and Elon Musk so far which makes them navigate a lot more on intuition. — Why intuition is more disruptive than spreadsheets

The social media giant once again made some trouble in the world of legacy media and free speech by censuring an iconic war photo. — Facebook just expanded its position as the most powerful media


We’re adding a new person to the team Marine Bacot


The internet has ruined the business model for journalism. And trolls are ruining the public debate on the open internet. And Facebook is swallowing all of it into its walled gardens. — Free Speech is Now a Brutal War on the Internet


If you really need to be successful in the economy of the digital age, you must have a mission and live it — rather than just being profit driven. — Missionaries will take out mercenaries in the digital age


The internet has given rise to a plethora of ​​sophisticated and addictive free options. But it comes at a cost. Even Facebook. — What’s the price of free?


Technological advances are achieved at such a high speed that the human brain no longer understand. Right now scientists believe that the Internet and digital technology has moved us into ‘the Second Machine Age’. — Exponential development explained with rice


One thing is for sure, Silicon Valley and a few selected people working from there more or less holds the patent to how the world works now and what the future should look like. But are they right? —  Six books that explain the world of today


When Christopher Columbus set out for the East Indies in 1492, uncertainty rumbled on board the ship for weeks. In these times of perpetual change we must dare to try something new. — In troubled waters

Trouble is founded by Anders Emil Møller, Jakob Kahlen, Marcus Fuchs and Ronnie Job

In troubled waters
When Christopher Columbus set out for the East Indies in 1492, uncertainty rumbled on board the ship for weeks. Where was this stalwart crew heading? And what would the promised land hold?

The East Indies, of course, did not appear. But something else did.

Today our ‘new world’ has been thoroughly mapped out.

Technology is now the promising, but also inhospitable, landscape we need to explore, and conquer.

New services, concepts, tech, and ideas are crashing down upon us. Many of them so attractive and convenient we feel we must take advantage of the possibilities, or risk missing out.

At the same time, the new wonders threaten to tear up the foundations of everything we know, everything we have spent hundreds of years building up and fighting for. Everything that we stand on. And stand for.

It is all happening so fast that we rarely grasp the consequences. A new invention — no matter how small it seems at first glance — can mean the world to business, society, communities and the individual. But what’s good for some can be suffocating for others.

In tumultuous times, we see more extremes — when a wave hits there will be a counter reaction. Some exploit the possibilities one way, while others go the other. And others again, those who are afraid to falter, simply surrender to confusion.

This is the dynamic of globalisation. Everything becomes radicalised. Policy. Culture. Business.

Break-ups and change move the world forward, yet what’s good for some comes at the expense of others. It must be so.

As the game changes, you must rewrite the rules. Knowing that you will most likely have to change your course underway.

Like Columbus, we must be fearless and insisting as we set off into the unknown. As there are no maps, we must point in a direction and launch off into the unknown. It is the world as we know it.

We know nothing.

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